Meaning of Arbor Day in English:

Arbor Day

Pronunciation /ˈɑːbə deɪ/


  • A day dedicated annually to public tree planting in the US, Australia, and other countries.

    ‘On Arbor Day schoolchildren planted trees to learn the value of reforestation.’
    • ‘Every year, we did exactly one thing; plant a tree on Arbor Day.’
    • ‘They plant trees on Arbor Day and study rocks and crystals.’
    • ‘On Arbor Day last year the Committee planted 60 indigenous trees - including wild olives and yellowwoods - in the park.’
    • ‘On Arbor Day last year the Zoo Lake Users' Committee planted 60 indigenous trees - including wild olives and yellowwoods - in the park.’
    • ‘On Arbor Day the zoo will hold informative programmes about trees, herbs and animals, which are open to the public.’
    • ‘Four years ago we planted 17 000 trees at Orange Farm, and on Arbor Day last August we planted 4 000 trees in Soweto.’
    • ‘This year, Arbor Day is observed on April 18 in Colorado, April 25 in Idaho, Montana, and Utah, and April 28 in Wyoming.’
    • ‘In effect, by participating in the new Arbor Day and commemorating Sun Yat-sen, the people celebrated the nation under Chiang Kai-shek's rule and contributed, symbolically and materially, to the growth of its resources.’
    • ‘When Arbor Day was introduced in schools the Mount Remarkable Board of Advice obtained several hundred trees from the Wirrabara forest for distribution to schools in and around Melrose.’
    • ‘On Arbor Day, when all eyes are on Omar, he eventually springs into action.’
    • ‘The company had a surplus of cards left over from Arbor Day depicting a fir tree and decided to unload them by the box by simply printing Merry Christmas across the trees in red ink.’
    • ‘Will the network be the official sponsor of Arbor Day?’
    • ‘From Valentine's Day to Memorial Day, Arbor Day to Christmas Day, there was always a huge parade with festivities to go along.’
    • ‘In spite of their overwhelming vote for the violet on Arbor Day in 1897, their favorite flower wasn't officially adopted.’
    • ‘This was replaced in the 20th century with Arbor Day.’
    • ‘Arbor Day this year saw Buffalo City Mayor Sindisile Maclean transformed from a cutter of trees into a tree planter.’
    • ‘She plans to announce Global ReLeaf's next milestone on Arbor Day.’
    • ‘We live in Florida, and bought a dogwood from the Extension service on Arbor Day three years ago.’
    • ‘The Souvenir Booklet was prepared for the two hundredth Arbor Day in 1986.’


From Latin arbor ‘tree’.