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Pronunciation /ɑːˈbɔːrɪəl/

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  • 1Living in trees.

    ‘arboreal rodents’
    • ‘The Siberian flying squirrel is a nocturnal arboreal rodent, which nests in tree cavities, twig dreys, and nest-boxes.’
    • ‘The authors remind us that no living primate has such hands and feet ‘for any purpose other than to meet the demands of full or part-time arboreal (tree dwelling) life.’’
    • ‘Within the ground beetle family, a few eat seeds, a few concentrate near water, and some readily climb trees and consume arboreal insects, including aphids and forest tent caterpillars.’
    • ‘Many species of the salamander genus Bolitoglossa are arboreal (tree living), rather than typically terrestrial, and their feet are modified for climbing on smooth surfaces.’
    • ‘Others have countered that small land-dwelling dinosaurs learned to fly without ever developing arboreal habits: no trees were needed.’
    • ‘The Namai zone belongs to the birds, tall trees and arboreal mammals.’
    • ‘Many small and some large tetrapods with no obvious arboreal features can get into trees.’
    • ‘Sweet observed a male of the small arboreal species V. glauerti descend the home tree of one female and travel more than 300 yards in a straight line, through dense forest and rock outcrops, to the base of another tree.’
    • ‘Nocturnal and arboreal, they clamber up trees and hang from limbs thanks to long prehensile tails and opposable inside toes (like thumbs) on their hind feet.’
    • ‘As most primates are arboreal and/or feed in trees, they require a high degree of balance and coordination and ethanol-impacted infants should fare poorly.’
    • ‘Depending on their location, sagebrush lizards are saxicolous, arboreal, or generalize among different habitat types including sand dunes.’
    • ‘The low number of contacts with the surrounding vegetation may be important in reducing the probability that smaller arboreal predators will access the nest tree.’
    • ‘For example, it is hypothesized that birds must have evolved flight from trees, so their ancestors must have been arboreal.’
    • ‘Cracids are arboreal birds, nesting, roosting and foraging in the trees.’
    • ‘It is a medium-sized arboreal gliding mammal which hangs upside down in trees, leaping into the air to glide in search of fruit to eat.’
    • ‘They are mainly arboreal, preferring to stay in the trees and larger shrubs.’
    • ‘The apes are almost totally arboreal; they live in the trees, travel through the trees, and eat fruit from the trees.’
    • ‘Funds permitting, there are also plans to set up some structures atop the trees as the chimps are very much adapted to an arboreal life.’
    • ‘Longrich said that his research ‘puts forward some of the strongest evidence yet that birds descended from arboreal parachuters and gliders, similar to modern flying squirrels.’’
    • ‘However, a lot of people feel that an arboreal origin makes a lot more sense, and not all paleontologists are so quick to rule out the idea that birds could come from arboreal dinosaurs.’
    1. 1.1Relating to trees.
      ‘With nearly 1,100 species of indigenous trees, South Africa is extremely rich in arboreal diversity.’
      • ‘More than 800 people saw a pre-festival viewing of the one-hour documentary that showcases American history through the stories of 21 historic arboreal treasures.’
      • ‘On the steep bluffs north of downtown Seattle grows an impressive array of what is arguably the Pacific Northwest's most beautiful arboreal treasures: the Pacific madrone.’
      • ‘Typically a city owns just 10 to 20 percent of the community's arboreal holdings; the rest are on private property.’
      • ‘Now he shares his excitement for arboreal treasures through maps of tree trails he designs for public use.’
      • ‘In France a chestnut-lined street in a town just west of Paris became known in the mid-nineteenth century for its arboreal restaurants.’
      • ‘Grab your tree identification book and this ‘natural roadmap,’ and check out these arboreal monuments.’
      • ‘This catalogue of arboreal treasures stands as a tribute to majestic specimens of nature that are the largest of their kind.’
      • ‘The study involved estimating the longevity, or ages, of T. rex and other related North American tyrannosaur specimens by counting growth lines in their fossilized bones, just as one might count tree rings to estimate arboreal age.’
      • ‘Mature forests with arboreal lichens are scarce except in national parks and nature.’
      • ‘Their many wild habitats include palm trees, tree holes, arboreal epiphytes, burrows, rock crevices, or other animal refuges.’
      • ‘Movement in arboreal and terrestrial environments presents very different functional challenges for locomotion.’
      • ‘Although this sojourn was not as artistically fruitful as the previous one, it did lead to the creation of a number of large pencil studies of trees that deepened Cotman's understanding of arboreal form.’
      • ‘Set in a forest clearing, its arboreal form was inspired by the surrounding trees.’
      • ‘Slim, arboreal columns and roof beams allude to the ficus trees that run along the western boundary of the site.’
      • ‘The policy will help to better protect and develop the city's arboreal heritage, which includes more than 675,000 public trees.’
      • ‘This 300-year-old tree was a rare mutant, a sort of arboreal albino that had long been sacred to the native Haida community.’
      • ‘At first, small theropods such as Sinosauropteryx invaded arboreal habitats to elude predators.’
      • ‘The arboreal habitats of anoles are composed primarily of short perches separated in space.’


Mid 17th century from Latin arboreus, from arbor ‘tree’, + -al.