Meaning of Arborio in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈbɔːrɪəʊ/


mass noun
  • A variety of round-grained rice produced in Italy and used in making risotto.

    ‘This recipe uses Arborio rice, from Italy's Po valley.’
    • ‘I have always heard that the best kind of rice suitable to authentic Italian risotto is Arborio, but I had never had a chance to buy and use it - until now.’
    • ‘Last night's risotto almost didn't happen either… I couldn't find Arborio rice and, naturally, the local Italian épicerie was closed for vacation.’
    • ‘With it, I made Amanda Hesser's Arborio rice salad.’
    • ‘That cooks for four minutes (in olive oil and butter) and then we add 2 cups of Arborio rice.’
    • ‘The risotto was something of a success with a delicious combination of savoury Arborio rice and caramelised onions.’
    • ‘That wouldn't be much of a problem, normally - not a lot of rice gets grown in Europe (well, Arborio strains in Italy, yeah, but most of the rest of the continent isn't really warm enough.)’
    • ‘To that I added the Arborio rice, stirring to coat.’
    • ‘Add 2 cups of rice. Arborio rice or paella rice is best, but any rice will work.’
    • ‘Now there is an Australian-grown Arborio rice.’
    • ‘Carnaroli is considered the most tolerant of the risotto rices and less glutinous than Arborio or vialone nano but any of these will do very well.’
    • ‘I knew I had a little arborio rice in the cupboard that our old roommate had left when she moved in January.’
    • ‘I think the idea is to be consistent...and gentle with the arborio.’