Meaning of arc lamp in English:

arc lamp



(also arc light)
  • A light source using an electric arc.

    ‘The excitation source, a xenon arc lamp, provides a white light beam that is sent through a bandpass filter and reflected into a microscope objective through a dichroic filter.’
    • ‘In a series of experiments he showed that radiation from an electric arc lamp can have much the same effect on skin as sunlight.’
    • ‘As the group focused light from an arc lamp onto the back of the substrate, the absorbed light yielded temperature gradients at the surface of the fluid.’
    • ‘Its carbon arc lamp doesn't shoot light through filmstrips to create the illusion of movement.’
    • ‘There's a lesson here, too, seeing ‘Gauguin's Chair’ and watching the lighting switch from daylight to flame to electric arc lamp - the conditions under which it could have been seen when van Gogh painted it in 1888.’
    • ‘Between 1900 and 1904, Bie used a carbon arc lamp and liquid filters to confirm that violet-blue and UV rays were lethal to bacteria.’
    • ‘When Welles fled, the ingenious Reed improvised, casting assistant director Guy Hamilton as Harry Lime in shadow, having him dress in a black coat and hat and run across an arc lamp to project that large ominous shadow.’
    • ‘It was like an arc lamp had been turned on outside the beer tent.’
    • ‘It's down the hall, then you turn left when you see the floral arc lamp, and then after five doors down, you'll see two corridors.’
    • ‘Although simpler than the open arc lamp, it was not as bright.’
    • ‘The fluorescence excitation source is a 100 - W mercury arc lamp.’
    • ‘Utilizing a high-intensity discharge arc lamp, it puts out 2000 lumens of blinding white light - 120 times the light output of a typical two D-cell alkaline flashlight.’
    • ‘Leading the Corps of Electrical Engineer Volunteers in the Boer War, he used his arc lamp design to develop the military searchlight.’
    • ‘The light source of the system is a high-pressure xenon arc lamp with a fast-scanning polychromator.’
    • ‘The crucial team briefing is held in a clear-fronted studio overlooking the winners' enclosure, with a searing bright arc lamp animating the setting.’
    • ‘A 250 W xenon arc lamp and a mechanical chopper provided the analyzing beam.’
    • ‘By 1878, electric lights called arc lights, which predated Edison's incandescent bulb and which burned about 300 times brighter, lit London and Paris streets.’
    • ‘Less than six months after Edison began lighting the offices of Wall Street, the newly unveiled Brooklyn Bridge was lit with arc lights provided and powered by the U.S. Illuminating Company.’
    • ‘LEDs might also serve as replacements for high-pressure mercury arc lamps in portable projectors.’
    • ‘It was a dramatic scene as the arc lamps lit up the evening sky providing the illumination to allow the sugar to be pumped from the stricken tanker into a replacement one.’