Meaning of archenteron in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈkɛntərɒn/


  • The rudimentary alimentary cavity of an embryo at the gastrula stage.

    ‘It doesn't seem to do much of anything, except to offer little suggestions to cells migrating into the archenteron.’
    • ‘In the fossils I and J, the archenteron is thick-walled, and in J all of the cells in the embryo, including the ectodermal wall, are conspicuously larger relative to the size of the embryo.’
    • ‘The mesoderm then lies immediately beneath the ectoderm, with the endoderm lining the roof of the archenteron, the future gut.’
    space, chamber, hollow, hole, pocket, pouch


Late 19th century from Greek arkhē ‘beginning’ + enteron ‘intestine’.