Meaning of archerfish in English:



nounplural noun archerfish, plural noun archerfishes

  • A freshwater fish that knocks insect prey off overhanging vegetation by shooting water at it from its mouth. It is native to Asia, Australia, and the Philippines.

    Genus Toxotes, family Toxotidae: several species, in particular T. jaculator

    ‘By shooting jets or bullets of water, and correcting for light refraction, archerfishes knock insects down to the water surface and quickly consume them.’
    • ‘Colisa uses the same technique as archerfishes to prey on insects just above the water.’
    • ‘Banded archerfish have a deep laterally-compressed body with a flattened head and back.’
    • ‘Experiments now suggest that an archerfish needs just a quick glance to judge where the dislodged prey will later hit the water and promptly moves in that direction well before the insect splashes down.’