Meaning of arco in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːkəʊ/


  • (especially as a direction) on a violin or other stringed instrument using the bow.

    ‘his scores usually required at least two bassists, some playing arco and some pizzicato’
    Often contrasted with pizzicato
    • ‘For example, in the A-minor concerto, the contrasting use of pizzicato versus arco with the same thematic material is a happy surprise, guaranteed to raise a smile.’
    • ‘Carter's cello lends the proceedings an intimate chamber jazz feel, and his arco double stops bridge the gap between chordal and melody instrument.’
    • ‘Parker's role is less audible and less clearly defined; even though he is active throughout, alternating between arco and pizzicato bass.’
    • ‘More surprises await the fortunate listener in the third and final section, starting with Paul Rogers’ marvelously melodic upper-register arco bass work and some curious wobbling and squiggling from the two guitars.’
    • ‘Young has a distinctive sound, whether arco or pizzicato, and this comes to the fore in the soulful and passionate performances in his conversations with pianist Walton.’


  • Played on a violin or other stringed instrument using the bow.

    • ‘the band offers a lilting rendition with a strong arco bass solo’