Meaning of arcology in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈkɒlədʒi/

nounplural noun arcologies

  • An ideal integrated city contained within a massive vertical structure, allowing maximum conservation of the surrounding environment.

    ‘Massive arcologies looming in the distance, like small mountains covered in billions of tiny lights.’
    • ‘In the short term, have several self-sustaining arcologies / ecologies throughout the solar system.’
    • ‘The island lay in one of the chains near the capital arcology, its entire surface turned into a full golf course.’
    • ‘The catchword seems to be organic, which explains the plan for a house that grows over time; starting out as a two-bed semi it will evolve into an arcology able to house an entire town by the 22nd century.’
    • ‘Describing the exact topology of the Nipponese sector mall arcologies was like trying to map the entire Digital Informational Library of Congress onto a ninety Euro pair of sunglasses.’
    • ‘Aren't your ideas of arcology - the integration of architecture, ecology and vertical density - perfectly suited to respond to this emergent reality?’
    • ‘I was one of the fastest runners in the arcology, but I slowed my pace as I got near hangar 5 into small, hesitant steps as half of myself tried to stay where I was and the other half pushed with all its might to get to the hangar.’
    • ‘The arcology had windows in virtually every room, you could see the reddish-brown plains and a still, clear lake, and a yellow tinted sky, with a few tiny clouds.’
    • ‘I saw a tall building, not an arcology but the design was a little similar.’
    • ‘Major Smith commanded most of the forces in the arcology I used to live in.’
    • ‘My own image of utopian urbanism - setting aside my dreams of arcologies - has long excluded private cars but included taxis and trucks.’


1969 blend of architecture and ecology.