Meaning of areaway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛːrɪəweɪ/

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  • 1North American A sunken enclosure giving access to the basement of a building.

    ‘Additionally, the installation of fences enclosing the areaway is alien to this neighborhood.’
    • ‘Haks then prepared designs for abandoned vaults or areaways in need of remedial construction.’
    • ‘An egress window with any point of clear opening below adjacent grade shall be provided with an areaway in accordance with this section.’
    • ‘The best approach is to conceal the light source by locating it on short, hood fixtures attached to areaway walls or installed in the ground in shrub or plant beds.’
    • ‘On the north side of the building, waterproofing of areaways will narrow the southern-most College Walk lane, but it will remain open at all times.’
    • ‘These conduits will extend into the areaway running south below the portico, within the gravel fill, and into the existing underground tunnel at the southeast corner.’
    • ‘The two areaways which remain, under Broughton and Broad Street sidewalks, provide a unique opportunity for the city to illuminate purple glass from underneath at night.’
    • ‘This basement area extends under the sidewalk as an areaway, which is lit from glass lights in the sidewalk above.’
    • ‘The space was designed for active use and finished with decorative tiles on the floor of the areaway - many of these tiles are still evident.’
    • ‘The areaway of the Europe Hotel, along with those of the Sam Kee Building, are the most unique and historically significant in the city.’
    1. 1.1A passageway between buildings.
      ‘A drive from the West Wing allows direct access to the ground floor by way of open courts or areaways on the north side of the White House on either side of the North portico.’
      • ‘Down the street from the Nigerian café-- not far from the day lights and cinnamon stands an areaway between buildings.’
      • ‘There is a fenced-in brick courtyard/atrium in the areaway between the main home and garage.’
      alley, alleyway, lane, path, pathway, way, footpath, track, trackway, road, thoroughfare