Meaning of argali in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːɡəli/

nounplural noun argali

  • The largest wild sheep, which has massive horns and is found in mountainous areas of Asia.

    Ovis ammon, family Bovidae

    ‘The hotspot is also home to a rich variety of ungulates (animals with hooves), including the threatened argali wild sheep.’
    • ‘Low, rugged mountains criss-cross the desert and are home to argali sheep and Siberian ibex.’
    • ‘Seeing a desert bighorn sheep in the wild was as exciting for them as seeing the endangered argali (a large Asian bighorn sheep) had been for us when we had the opportunity to visit China the previous year.’
    • ‘Olson said some Dukha have told him that ibex and argali sheep have both disappeared within the last 15 years since the arrival of Chinese traders who traffic in animal parts.’
    • ‘The lawsuit claimed that the organisation was violating its own rules by allowing a proposed rule for dealing with the import of argali to stay in effect for a decade.’


Late 18th century from Mongolian.