Meaning of argent in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːdʒ(ə)nt/

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literary Heraldry
  • Silver; silvery white.

    ‘the argent moon’
    • ‘Cupping the silver liquid in his palm, Belloc carefully raised his hand to the level of the girl's eyes, which reflected the argent light.’
    • ‘It was nearly identical to Pegasus, save that it was wingless and had a short argent horn pointing up from its forehead.’
    • ‘As I watched, the orange flame died out, leaving the argent flame to battle the darkness alone.’
    • ‘The moon cast long fingers across their pale faces, splashing argent tinctures over a thousand powdered cheeks.’
    • ‘The primary Arms of this branch of Barlows were "Sable, a double-headed eagle displayed argent, beaked and membered or."’
    silvery, shining, lustrous, bright, gleaming


mass nounHeraldry
  • Silver as a heraldic tincture.

    ‘The dining-room of this old house is decorated with a coat of arms, chevrons, and bars rouge upon a field argent, which prove, upon inquiry, to be the shield of Nicholas de la Reynie, a high official of King Louis XIV.’
    • ‘His name was Sir John Cliseton, and he bore for arms a field argent, fretted azure, with a mullet argent in chief.’
    • ‘The star consists of the Cross of Saint Patrick Gules, on a field argent, charged with a trefoil as on the Badge, surrounded by a sky-blue enamelled circle.’


Late Middle English (denoting silver coins): via Old French from Latin argentum ‘silver’.