Meaning of argue the toss in English:

argue the toss


informal mainly British
  • Dispute a decision or choice already made.

    • ‘one person argued the toss for four hours before he agreed to pay’
    • ‘I see the words ‘heated discussion’ and realise that I probably wasn't nodding my head (as I remember it) but shaking it violently and arguing the toss (as Ian remembers it).’
    • ‘I listened to a couple of people arguing the toss about who was the wronged party.’
    • ‘Started off none too badly, got there and K was arguing the toss with one of the bouncers because they weren't going to let us in without student cards.’
    • ‘I'd been arguing the toss with someone who really should know.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, our politicians are arguing the toss about when elections should take place.’
    • ‘One person argued the toss for four hours before he agreed to pay, another offered the clamper a £20 cash bribe and we get countless excuses every day.’
    • ‘Although Leith Walk technically begins at Pilrig Church, about halfway down, only ancient sea dogs and local history buffs are going to argue the toss.’
    • ‘And if they want to argue the toss about it, they have 28 days to prove they were strong-armed into switching against their will.’
    • ‘First up is a voter apparently keen to argue the toss over the future - or, more accurately, the past - of the Scottish regiments.’
    • ‘I COULD argue the toss for as long as you like about Wednesday night's England friendly in Gothenburg.’
    • ‘Few hotly contested sporting finals would see a manager argue the toss with a spectator questioning his tactics.’
    • ‘After all, you could argue the toss about this from now until next Christmas if you liked.’
    • ‘Yet today many argue the toss on animal culling from the perspective of the animal.’
    • ‘Then, in the mid-19th century, the Parsis of Bombay took it up, followed by the Hindus, and soon hundreds of local players were arguing the toss with a dozen English polo players over who should have use of the large playing area, the Maidan.’
    • ‘For the first time in years of arguing the toss with these people, I've made a conversion.’
    • ‘Rather than arguing the toss, we'd be better off planting some extra vegetables in case we're lumbered with food rationing.’
    • ‘Nonetheless it might be fun arguing the toss, we thought.’
    • ‘Older people, particularly those who are frail or who live alone, are much less likely to argue the toss over an unreasonable bill or to question the work that ‘needs’ to be done.’
    • ‘Journalists usually steered clear of quoting science either way, with newspapers allowing opinion space for advocates on either side to argue the toss.’
    • ‘While both unions and employers argue the toss about companies' ability to award the next pay round, they now agree that if cuts have to be made they must be spread evenly.’