Meaning of argument from design in English:

argument from design


Christian Theology
  • The argument that God's existence is demonstrable from the evidence of design in the universe.

    ‘Moreover, he felt that one of the traditional arguments for God's existence, the argument from design, contains a vital clue to the nature of creation.’
    • ‘This is not an argument from design, not the anthropic principle; for Rolston, ecological biology refutes any claim that either human life or the unique transitions in evolutionary history were inevitable.’
    • ‘The argument from design, said Kant, ‘always deserves to be mentioned with respect.’’
    • ‘Babbage had been convinced that his work demonstrated the argument from design and that the world operated as a great calculating-machine, programmed by God.’
    • ‘While he gives numerous examples, accepted by Philo, of the adaptation of means to ends in nature, Cleanthes' position is summarized in one powerful statement of the argument from design.’
    • ‘Finally, Hume might have been influenced by Bayle's treatment of religious questions, especially the argument from design.’
    • ‘And in the Critique of Judgment, he argues that the argument from design, at least as normally stated, is very weak.’
    • ‘Paley advances the teleological argument from design founded on the unity and adaptability of created things.’
    • ‘In some versions of the strong Anthropic Principle, the reasoning is essentially an argument from design: the laws of physics are as they are because they must be like that for life to develop.’
    • ‘The philosopher David Hume had already subjected the argument from design to a devastating critique in the mid-18th century.’
    • ‘The argument from design has come a long way since William Paley set out his version of it 200 years ago.’
    • ‘The historical discussion in the first part of the book takes us from the origins of the argument from design and the notion of final causes in classical Greek thought, most prominently the works of Plato and Aristotle, to the present day.’
    • ‘This was one of Hume's objections to the argument from design.’
    • ‘There's a lot more here - on irreducible complexity, the argument from design, everything - that all of you should read.’
    • ‘He did, however, say that he thought that Behe's book was the best explanation of the argument from design that was available.’
    • ‘Limbaugh chooses to focus on the argument from design in his column.’
    • ‘The real value of the argument from design is that it takes us to the frontier of science and metaphysics.’