Meaning of Argus-eyed in English:



  • Vigilant.

    ‘Such Argus-eyed surveillance is now so widespread that criminals on television (and no doubt in what some folks still call real life) cover prying lenses or conduct their malefactions outside photographic range.’
    • ‘The young salmon in the Orkla and Sokna rivers are monitored with Argus-eyed vigilance.’
    • ‘One peek out the van's window revealed a street corner bristling with army-fatigued, booted, beret capped, and Argus-eyed soldiers, all of them cradling very large automatic weapons and standing their posts with grave purpose.’
    watchful, on the lookout, observant, sharp-eyed, keen-eyed, gimlet-eyed, eagle-eyed, hawk-eyed, with eyes like a hawk, with one's eyes open, keeping one's eyes peeled, keeping one's eyes skinned, attentive, paying attention, alert, on the alert, on one's toes, on the qui vive


Early 17th century in Greek mythology Argos was the name of a watchman with a hundred eyes.