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Pronunciation /əˈrɪdɪti/

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‘There was a world cooling - eight hypotheses exist to explain it! - with intense aridity that created Australia's sub-zones such as south-western and north-western Australia.’
  • ‘By the way, Darwin was a naturalist and most would take his comments about Australia's limited prospects as relating to soil quality and aridity, and the subsequently smaller potential population.’
  • ‘More than anything I was struck by how incredibly green and lush everything looked after the dryness of the Spanish countryside. I have not been to Spain before, and I was quite taken aback by the aridity of it all.’
  • ‘A heightened sense of beauty somehow seems to have pervaded the desert region, perhaps to balance or counter the extreme aridity.’
  • ‘For day after day south of Marzuk we saw nothing but stony wastes and sand dunes with never a blade of grass or bush to relieve the aridity.’