Meaning of arkosic in English:




See arkose

‘The rocks typically comprise a monotonous sequence of greywackes, reddish-weathering arkosic sandstones, shales and subordinate conglomerates.’
  • ‘During this study, however, chlorite associated with the final stages of deformation has been identified in the limestone and arkosic sandstone of the Timirovo thrust system.’
  • ‘The upper part is more sandy, containing clean, arkosic, sharp-based sandstones up to 50 cm thick with locally matrix-supported conglomeratic bases.’
  • ‘One such stone that played an important role in American culture was brownstone, an arkosic sandstone.’
  • ‘The group consists of some 8 km of Moine-like, shallow-marine, arkosic clastics, with conglomerates in the NW adjacent to the Great Glen fault and deeper water sandstone-mudstone turbidites in the Corrieyairack basin.’



/ˌɑːkəʊsɪk/ /ˌɑːˈkəʊzɪk/