Meaning of arm's-length in English:



  • Avoiding intimacy or close contact.

    ‘they maintained an arm's-length relationship’
    • ‘Now this arm's-length relationship has broken down.’
    • ‘The majority of entertainment companies, unsure of Microsoft's motives and wary of its cutthroat tactics in the battle for the computer desktop, have preferred to maintain an arm's-length relationship with the software Goliath.’
    • ‘The new arm's-length relationship with the GN should also help the commission - and producers - form alliances and raise money from other partnerships and sources, as well.’
    • ‘But, if you turn those arm's-length relationships into strategic partnerships, you can squeeze a much greater benefit out of the money you're already paying them and offload security tasks that you don't have the budget to do in-house.’
    • ‘What is clear, though, is that in order for there to be real market in lawsuits, investors will need to develop a more arm's-length relationship with the lawsuit in which they invest than Zelda had with her brother's suit.’
    • ‘Only by steadfastly maintaining an arm's-length relationship with the military-industrial complex can it preserve these distinctions.’
    • ‘Does this mean that the fourth characterization of a bank syndicate, that it is an arm's-length relationship governed by the terms agreed, is thus the most persuasive?’
    • ‘You are precluded from doing that in a Sipp, because you are a beneficiary and, as such, must manage it on an arm's-length basis.’
    • ‘But even an arm's-length dalliance with the right in states such as Oregon has given ammunition to opponents, who now portray him as a willing accomplice to the Bush / Cheney campaign.’
    • ‘Or does the experience of documenting the event excuse them from active participation, allowing them to become an active arm's-length witness rather than passive participant.’
    • ‘But the Trudeau government wanted to end the arm's-length arrangement it had with various more commercial crown corporations like Atomic Energy.’
    • ‘Another alternative would be a return to the days when trials were mainly done in academic medical centers with arm's-length drug-company funding.’
    • ‘An arm's-length waste-management board rejected the plan and sent the industry back to the drawing board.’
    • ‘In a little-noticed report released in April, 2003, FERC concluded the evidence ‘implies that the RADR sale and repurchase option were not arm's-length deals.’’
    • ‘How can a bureaucrat exhibit his or her customary arm's-length skepticism when the law of the land demands cooperation, facilitation, and a unified common objective?’
    • ‘They claim that this arm's-length arrangement would give the BBC the benefit of substantial advertising revenue whilst avoiding direct conflicts of interest.’
    • ‘Those guys tend to have a lot of electron density on them, and bonding between them is a careful, arm's-length affair, sort of like porcupines mating.’
    • ‘Yet his arm's-length apology about things happening on his ‘watch’ is scarcely taking responsibility.’
    • ‘Lay didn't insist on arm's-length transactions at Enron, but now that the cuffs are on, he's using the arm's-length defense.’
    • ‘About 35 years ago, I had my first arm's-length encounter with a big shark.’