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Pronunciation /ɑːˈmɑːdə/

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  • 1A fleet of warships.

    ‘an armada of destroyers, minesweepers, and gunboats’
    • ‘Fleets of aircraft, armadas of ships, armies of soldiers came across the English Channel and struck the German defenses.’
    • ‘Instead of aerial armadas and huge tank fleets on the ground, the military response will also be low-key and downbeat but no less effective for having such a low profile.’
    • ‘It clearly showed the vast armada of the invasion fleet standing just off the coast of Normandy.’
    • ‘The U.S. armada at Culebra was swelled by a flotilla of support vessels, including colliers and torpedo boats.’
    • ‘Among its chief defenses will be an armada of navy ships.’
    • ‘For more than a hour, the procession made its way through the armada, before returning to Spithead.’
    • ‘Compared to the size of the vessels in the enemy armada, these battleships were mere toys.’
    • ‘The city of steel was the flagship of the Battle Group, surrounded by an armada of supporting ships including a half-dozen frigates and destroyers.’
    • ‘Therefore, the whole armada would be spear headed by a flotilla of 287 mine sweepers that would clear the way for the ships behind them.’
    • ‘A small convoy of Talons had disembarked from the host of the armada and was cutting through the waves at near breakneck speeds.’
    • ‘The first great fleet in Spanish history was the famous armada of 1588, sent unsuccessfully to defeat England.’
    • ‘Bismarck, which was the pride of the German Navy, was sunk by the British armada in just about 90 minutes.’
    • ‘It was a very active, prolific time for English history - Raleigh going off, armadas attacking, people turning up with potatoes and tobacco, great plays being written, plagues - all kinds of crazy stuff happening.’
    • ‘Successive Spanish armadas against the Protestant English and Dutch, including major efforts in 1588 and 1639, failed because the attackers were unable to win command of the sea.’
    • ‘Once you have denied us access to a particular facility, we're going to put that on a target list and take it out at a time of our choosing, and not have to create large armadas every four months to impose our will.’
    • ‘With the additional threat of armadas and independent looters, keeping the American riches flowing into Spain became a very complex problem.’
    • ‘Between 1621 and 1623, three new armadas were established in Flanders, Galicia and Gibraltar to support those in Cadiz and Lisbon.’
    • ‘The Caliph sent several small armadas to defeat Dahar but these were all soundly defeated.’
    • ‘The next year, the colonies got proof their fears were well grounded; France sent a great armada of 71 ships under the Duc D' Anville against them.’
    • ‘In May 1588, the armada left Lisbon and traveled up the coast toward England.’
    fleet, flotilla, squadron, navy, naval force, task force, naval task force
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    1. 1.1the Armada or the Spanish ArmadaA Spanish naval invasion force sent against England in 1588 by Philip II of Spain. It was defeated by the English fleet and almost completely destroyed by storms off the Hebrides.


Mid 16th century from Spanish, from armata, feminine past participle of Latin armare ‘to arm’.