Meaning of armless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːmləs/


See arm

‘What is wrong introducing card games such as bridge or canastas into club cultures rather than addictive armless bandits?’
  • ‘The ‘get up and go test’ measures mobility and involves timed standing from an armless chair, walking fast for 10 yards, returning, and sitting down.’
  • ‘‘Now, let me see,’ Jinn looked up at the directory boards and immediately one of the lead men rushed forward to set a pair of round armless glasses on Jinn's nose.’
  • ‘In this film, the porcelain beauty of an incredibly attractive and unimaginably young Joan Crawford matches Chaney's angry armless antagonist magnificently.’
  • ‘In this test, the patient is seated in an armless chair placed 3 m from a wall.’