Meaning of Armorican in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈmɒrɪkən/


  • 1Relating to Armorica.

    • ‘So when Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) embarked on a conquest of Gaul (59-50 BC), he set about occupying the Armorican peninsula in 56 BC’
    1. 1.1Geology
      another term for Hercynian
      ‘This zone is typified by Cambro Ordovician rift-related volcanism and Ordovician to Devonian subduction attributed to a southern proto-Tethys ocean separating the Armorican - Barrandian microcontinents to the north from Gondwana.’
      • ‘In Cambrian rocks archaeocyathans are found in an equatorial and subequatorial belt which included Laurentia, and the North African, Iberian and Armorican parts of Gondwana, but not the Avalonian part.’
      • ‘Heavy-mineral analysis of the sands clearly indicates a possible Armorican contribution at this time but according to Daley they are unlikely to be of fluvial origin because ‘the latter was periodically separated from Britain’.’
      • ‘Unit 3B, observed in the western Armorican transitional zone, is a seismic unit with low reflectivity.’
      • ‘Off the Armorican margin, the S reflector has no direct seismic relationship with the location of crustal thinning.’
      • ‘It was, probably, a continent-continent collision to the south of Wales and the Brabant Massif, perhaps a westward continuation of the Armorican and Bohemian Massifs, like that of the Northern Appalachians.’
      • ‘The Armorica plate, as it is usually conceived, was composed of the Iberian, Armorican and Bohemian Massifs.’