Meaning of aromantic in English:


Pronunciation /eɪrə(ʊ)ˈmantɪk/


  • Having no interest in or desire for romantic relationships.

    ‘I identify as an aromantic asexual’
    • ‘unless you are aromantic, you still want that warm fuzzy feeling when you cuddle up to the person you love’
    • ‘I identify as aromantic and asexual, and I have been single most of my life.’
    • ‘Why aren't you voicing your concern for the rights of aromantic people?’
    • ‘Asexual and aromantic people are part of the LGBTQ + community.’
    • ‘ Aromantic people don't experience romantic love but may still enjoy sex.’
    • ‘That relationship ended fairly quickly, as my ex figured out she was aromantic soon after.’
    • ‘I am a happily aromantic woman in my 30s.’
    • ‘It hadn't crossed my mind that not liking physical intimacy like kissing didn't necessarily mean I was aromantic.’
    • ‘I know there are aromantic people who have relationships that are based solely on an emotional connection and not on any romantic feeling.’
    • ‘ Aromantic people may refer to themselves as "aro" for short.’
    • ‘For a long period of my life, I believed I was aromantic and asexual.’


  • A person who has no interest in or desire for romantic relationships.

    ‘both asexuals and aromantics face a lack of understanding’
    • ‘do you have any advice for an aromantic who wants children?’
    • ‘I'm an aromantic who's never had a crush or been romantically attracted to anyone.’
    • ‘Many aromantics experience love that is not romantic.’
    • ‘Aromantics may not feel romantic love but that doesn't mean they're cold.’
    • ‘We've listed some common experiences that aromantics have. ’
    • ‘I've been reading a lot about aromantics and it sounds very freeing.’
    • ‘Asexuals, like aromantics, challenge the expectation that everyone wants a romantic, sexual partnership.’
    • ‘Aromantics can enjoy sex without any romance.’
    • ‘Aromantics might feel absolute joy in their hobbies or interests.’
    • ‘I am an aromantic and probably always will be.’
    • ‘Some aromantics can and do experience types of attraction other than romantic.’