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Pronunciation /əˈreɪ/

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  • 1An impressive display or range of a particular type of thing.

    ‘there is a vast array of literature on the topic’
    • ‘a bewildering array of choices’
    • ‘Judges sit in the audience looking at an impressive array of films ranging from TV commercials to animation for the Internet, from episodes of TV series to indie works.’
    • ‘The FanFest is part museum, part amusement park and part carnival, with a vast array of displays, presentations, games and interactive activities.’
    • ‘It has performed a vast array of productions ranging from drama plays, cabarets, pantos, and Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas to hit musicals like Carousel, Anything Goes and My Fair Lady.’
    • ‘One such fair, the 21st Ideal Home Exhibition organised by the MADITSSIA at the Tamukkam grounds, displayed a vast array of products.’
    • ‘Close followers of her career will be surprised at her move into journalism - although she has always displayed a vast array of talents.’
    • ‘The Irish Wildlife Trust marquee housed a vast array of displays and information stands.’
    • ‘Yesterday's event saw an impressive array of artists, who displayed a range of activities that will be on offer.’
    • ‘With a vast array of produce on display, the customers were left with no shortage of items to purchase.’
    • ‘Upon dialing the correct sequence on the keypad, Allison pulled open the doors to display the vast array of torture weapons Division 6 had to offer.’
    • ‘Orchids display a vast array of floral morphologies and pollination mechanisms, unparalleled in any other angiosperm family.’
    • ‘An impressive array of data shows that Canadians live longer, healthier lives than we do.’
    • ‘Card holders are being given an array of choices ranging from discounts at select eateries in major cities to free holidays for the family.’
    • ‘The gallery has an impressive array of old masters on display, including works by Rembrandt, Poussin, Rubens, Canaletto and Gainsborough.’
    • ‘Shleifer and Treisman marshal an impressive array of evidence to demonstrate how far Russia's economy has come under Putin.’
    • ‘She assembled an impressive array of photographs and memorabilia from the former residents and their descendants.’
    • ‘Given the vast array of choices we face-and the wide variety of consequences that flow from our choices-is it possible that the Scriptures can teach us how to make good decisions?’
    • ‘Thanks to modern technology, we have a vast array of lighting choices open to us which may make the project seem confusing.’
    • ‘She has brought an impressive array of films to Edinburgh, including LA Confidential, Nil By Mouth and Ratcatcher.’
    • ‘The children were greatly impressed with the vast array of technology onboard.’
    • ‘Despite the impressive array of speakers that had been assembled from youth movements throughout Britain and Europe, there was little disagreement or debate from the panel.’
    exhibition, exposition, exhibit, array, arrangement, presentation, demonstration
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  • 2An ordered series or arrangement.

    ‘several arrays of solar panels will help provide power’
    • ‘the lens focuses light on to an array of pixels’
    • ‘In tests, they found that neatly ordered arrays of beads caught more mist than random, disordered ones did.’
    • ‘Biological membranes are an important example of such ordered two-dimensional arrays.’
    • ‘The form of solid matter that is simplest to think about is a crystal, in which the constituent atoms are ordered in the pattern of a regular array.’
    • ‘Power for the ion engines will be generated by two ultra-lightweight solar arrays.’
    • ‘This is a shift in which electronically steered phased array antennas could replace the mechanically steered dish antennas.’
    • ‘The multi-function, dual-face active array radar provides targeting data for the missile system.’
    • ‘Their port was aft of the tower that held most of the station's sensors and transmitter arrays.’
    • ‘Crystal lattices consist of repeating units of a molecule, ion, or atom arranged in a symmetrical array.’
    • ‘Colors are the sorts of properties that can be arranged systematically in ordered arrays.’
    • ‘Each of the segments began with one or more unique genes, after which were members of different gene families, arranged in a head-to-tail array.’
    arrangement, assembling, assemblage, line-up, formation, ordering, disposition, marshalling, muster, amassing
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    1. 2.1An arrangement of troops.
      ‘I shall have my men drawn up here in battle array ready to come to your help’
      • ‘His legionnaires marched in full battle array, incorporated an advance guard, and maintained tactical integrity on the move.’
      • ‘Gone is the need for massed arrays of troops in static positions waiting to confront a Soviet attack in Western Europe as during the Cold War years.’
      • ‘Military forces conducting operations must anticipate encountering an array of friendly, hostile, and neutral persons within the three blocks.’
      • ‘Currently, the brigade commander lacks sufficient depth in his maneuver array.’
      • ‘These other modifications include using different engines, not fitting the complete BDD armor arrays, and the application of the initial version of Kontakt ERA.’
      • ‘Soldiers would then execute reflexive fire and close combat assault courses that included urban scenarios, IEDs and moving target arrays.’
      • ‘Tank crews that engage friendly or civilian target arrays will receive zero points for the entire engagement.’
    2. 2.2Mathematics An arrangement of quantities or symbols in rows and columns; a matrix.
      ‘A matrix is a rectangular array of symbols, usually numbers, neatly arranged in columns and rows.’
      • ‘Equivalently, physicists can represent a given quantum system by a matrix - a square array of whole numbers.’
      • ‘He describes matrix multiplication (which he thinks of as composition so he has not yet reached the concept of matrix algebra) and the inverse of a matrix in the particular context of the arrays of coefficients of quadratic forms.’
      • ‘At each step of the algorithm, one should rescale constructed arrays to prevent numerical underflow.’
      • ‘So, for N = 5, there would be 125 numbers in the array and the sum of each row, column, and diagonal would be 315.’
    3. 2.3Computing An indexed set of related elements.
      ‘The new sensor allows the user to communicate with each sensor element of the array by computer.’
      • ‘Wolfram first formulated these ideas in studies of cellular automata - geometric arrays of minimalist computing elements, called cells.’
      • ‘A SAN is composed of servers or workstations and storage devices such as disk arrays or tape subsystems that are connected by a network infrastructure.’
      • ‘The movement of data directly from disk arrays to and from automated libraries across a dedicated network for backup and recovery applications is highly desirable.’
      • ‘The solutions in the patch are processed utilizing a unique nanotechnology that puts the materials into an organic array or matrix.’
  • 3 literary mass noun Elaborate or beautiful clothing.

    ‘he was clothed in fine array’
    • ‘Behind these were many ranks of pixies, gnomes and nymphs, and in the rear a thousand beautiful fairies floated along in gorgeous array.’
    dress, attire, apparel, clothing, garb, finery
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  • 4Law
    A list of jurors impanelled.

    ‘Before the swearing of any of the jurors, 15 the defendant or prosecutor in England and Ireland could challenge the array of jurors compiled by the sheriff.’
    • ‘A Trib investigation of the last 18 months of jury arrays, the complete lists of everyone summoned for criminal jury duty, found a consistent pattern of racial exclusion.’
    • ‘The randomness is concerned with the selection of the members of the public for the panel, the selection of the array.’


  • 1with object and adverbial of place Display or arrange (things) in a particular way.

    ‘the manifesto immediately divided the forces arrayed against him’
    • ‘Should we give up because powerful forces are arrayed against us?’
    • ‘He knows that vast forces are arrayed against him.’
    • ‘These forces were arrayed across the battle-space in three forward operating bases, separated by approximately 40 kilometers.’
    • ‘The forces of the state should be arrayed against the forces of evil, but the state often benefits from actions by evildoers in order to enrich or bring glory to its leaders.’
    • ‘The majority of security forces were arrayed at the four gates covering access points to Camp Hunte.’
    • ‘Hammers and anvils were arrayed in neat lines while stocky men in the background sweated over their jobs.’
    • ‘The more powerful the force arrayed against them, the more likely Iraqi commanders will realize that resorting to chemical or biological weapons will not stave off defeat but simply put them before a tribunal once the war is over.’
    • ‘The main portion of the Greek army arrived in the city before the Persians could land and seeing the forces arrayed against them, they sailed away.’
    • ‘The largest concentration of forces arrayed against Iraq is in Kuwait.’
    • ‘Large, plush armchairs were arrayed around coffee tables.’
    • ‘Even if some prisoners had seized their guards' weapons, as US officials and the media claim, they did not have the manpower or ammunition to hold out against the tanks, jets and the superior ground forces arrayed against them.’
    • ‘Good ideas and shared impulses can generate ‘soft power’ of their own, even when arrayed against the forces of empire.’
    • ‘Throughout history, slaves have fashioned strategies of resistance that usually reflected a realistic assessment of the daunting forces arrayed against them.’
    • ‘The forces arrayed against us would wither before a unified, spiritually fortified, determined people.’
    • ‘Cinna's consular colleague Cnaeus Carbo was in overall command of the forces arrayed against Sulla when he landed at Brundisium in 83.’
    • ‘These, together with the corporate-controlled media, are the forces arrayed against the striking workers.’
    • ‘You would find faith and righteousness arrayed against the forces of darkness and ignorance, tyranny and disbelief.’
    arrange, assemble, draw up, group, order, range, place, position, set out, set forth, dispose, marshal, muster
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  • 2usually be arrayed inwith object Dress someone in (the clothes specified)

    ‘they were arrayed in Hungarian national dress’
    • ‘In an effort to pass off Matthew as a commoner, he was arrayed in some outgrown clothes of Krist's: a long-sleeved beige shirt, very baggy indigo jeans, and red and white sneakers.’
    • ‘The members of the teams were arrayed in fancy costumes, and devoted themselves to getting as much fun as possible out of the encounter, rather than serious cricket.’
    • ‘He was arrayed in robes of black and scarlet and he wore a golden circlet on his head.’
    • ‘And the lady friends who are invited to the picnic are arrayed in the lightest of attire - gauzy looking white or coloured dresses that seem as though a puff of wind would float them away and leave their owners lamenting.’
    • ‘Though there were empty seats about the house, the audience, with notable numbers of festive Bay Area residents arrayed in exotic Halloween costumes, responded with a prolonged ovation.’
    • ‘And upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them.’
    • ‘The dancers, arrayed in awe-inspiring costumes and hideous masks, enact weird rituals before the village shrine.’
    • ‘On a happier note, just think of the gorgeous attire - both men and women arrayed in fabulous colours, with tartan to the fore.’
    dress, attire, clothe, robe, garb, deck, deck out, drape, accoutre, outfit, fit out, costume, get up, turn out, trick out, trick up
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  • 3Law
    with object Impanel (a jury).

    • ‘Despite this admission, the triers found that the sheriff had impartially arrayed the panel. After the third jury found O'Doherty guilty, the government transported him Australia.’


Middle English (in the senses ‘preparedness’ and ‘place in readiness’): from Old French arei (noun), areer (verb), based on Latin ad- ‘towards’ + a Germanic base meaning ‘prepare’.