Meaning of arrest of judgement in English:

arrest of judgement


  • The suspension of proceedings in a criminal trial between the verdict and the sentence on the grounds of a material irregularity in the course of the trial.

    ‘Probably the court had so much difficulty reaching a decision about the arrest of judgment because Curll's counsel could cite compelling precedent.’
    • ‘A spurious time-line emerges, according to which the guilty verdict, the motion for arrest of judgment, and the discussion of the motion all occurred in November 1725.’
    • ‘It may, in a proper case, lay the foundation of a motion for a new trial, but not in arrest of judgment.’
    • ‘It is our opinion that the reasons filed in arrest of judgment are not maintained, and it is ordered that the motion be overruled.’
    • ‘We also conclude that the filing of a motion in arrest of judgment renders the judgment nonappealable until an order is entered disposing of the motion.’


  • A postponement or stay of a court decision because of a legal challenge or problem.

    • ‘her counsel moved an arrest of judgement’