Meaning of arrestingly in English:



See arresting

‘Despite some unpolished acting, this conceit is arrestingly carried off: the scenes representing Orpheus's journey into Hades are particularly imaginative in the way they depart from reality without ever actually leaving Rio.’
  • ‘Therborn, by contrast, in focusing on just one dimension of existence, develops a map of human changes over time that is faithful to the complexity and diversity of the world in an arrestingly new way, omitting no corner of the planet.’
  • ‘‘When Britain's sea power was in its prime,’ he began arrestingly, ‘Samuel Pepys ran our Navy almost single-handed.’’
  • ‘The boar hunt depicted in the orchestral prelude, with its wavy textures, percussion gasps, wordless choral voices and anguished cries from lower strings, arrestingly sets the tone.’
  • ‘It starts off very arrestingly, but the movie loses its way in a kind of drawn-out middle eight, in which Maiquel gets into cocaine and begins falling out with his compadres and the corrupt cops who are making it all possible.’
  • ‘With her penchant for the arrestingly unusual statement, Smith declares that Howard's mistress finds him ‘a man for whom she had no sexual desire whatsoever’.’
  • ‘They are also arrestingly beautiful, vividly coloured and richly textured.’