Meaning of arrivisme in English:


Pronunciation /ˌariːˈviːzm(ə)/


See arriviste

‘Fortunately, however, the book is much more than a tale of the shameless arrivisme and social contortions of an outsider determined to be accepted by the British upper class.’
  • ‘One of the more overlooked lines in The Importance Of Being Earnest is Lady Bracknell's passing remark that she had no fortune whatever before she married; she may, in other words, have been herself guilty of exactly the arrivisme of which she implicitly accuses the handbag-foundling Jack Worthing.’
  • ‘In the current period of stagnation, arrivisme, and regression, it seems right to think of Lotman's work as testifying to those shoots of modest but tenacious vitality that sometimes - indeed, more often than one might think - grow under the snows of Russian winter and that the West is not always alert or sensitive enough to detect.’
  • ‘There has been a long list of accusations piling up since the 1980s about Sartre's arrivisme, and that this led to his willing accommodation to Vichy.’
  • ‘This honest moralist, who sets himself up as the exclusive depositary for revolutionary purity - everything that is not a part of his insignificance appears to him as mere arrivisme - was stung by the [editorial] note that we dedicated to him in I.S. #10 (page 72: ‘L' armee de reserve du spectacle ’).’