Meaning of arrogation in English:


Pronunciation /arəˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n/

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See arrogate

‘To presume to have all the answers is nothing but dangerous delusion for it is based on the arrogation of divine potency.’
  • ‘The judiciary's authority and independence was significantly impaired during the Abacha era by the military regime's arrogation of judicial power and prohibition of court review of its action.’
  • ‘There is, in fact, a firm bloc of three reactionaries - Scalia, Rehnquist and Thomas - that supports the executive branch's arrogation of unprecedented police powers.’
  • ‘The arrogation of such power to the judges would usurp those functions of government, which are controlled and distributed by powers whose authority is derived from the ballot box.’
  • ‘There is no modern precedent in France for such an arrogation of emergency powers.’