Meaning of arsenic acid in English:

arsenic acid


mass nounChemistry
  • A weakly acidic crystalline solid with oxidizing properties, formed when arsenic trioxide reacts with nitric acid.

    Chemical formula: H₃AsO₄

    ‘In the Vietnam War dimethyl arsenic acid was applied for the destruction of rice cultures.’
    • ‘It would be advantageous to have a process wherein arsenic acid in such waste mixtures is transformed into a useful product and any residual arsenic acid in the resulting solution is removed.’
    • ‘Arsenates are salts of arsenic acid, or more formerly orthoarsenic acid.’
    • ‘In both cases, an As-mineral (arsenopyrite: FeAsS) in the depth is oxidized to release water-soluble As compounds (arsenious acid, arsenic acid) when the groundwater level is lowered by the active drawing up of water from the well or the detritus carried out from the mine is exposed to the air.’
    • ‘As a precursor to studying the fate of these organoarsenic compounds in soils, three speciation methodologies were developed to separate ROX and P-ASA from the more common and more toxic As species arsenate, arsenite, dimethyl arsenic acid, and monomethyl arsenic acid.’