Meaning of arsey in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːsi/

adjectiveadjective arsier, adjective arsiest

  • 1British Bad-tempered or uncooperative.

    • ‘I was half an hour late phoning her and she didn't get all arsey about it’
    • ‘The drink is no more expensive than anywhere else in Temple Bar and it's nice to be somewhere trendy where there's no arsey attitude.’
    • ‘Thereby, you will be able to navigate your way ahead, carefully picking your route around bloated wobbly people, inconsiderate ‘wallowers’ and arsey posers as they try to impress the girls.’
    • ‘All my energy was being taken up with worrying about my arsey behaviour and I hated that.’
    • ‘You know the sort of nonsense I mean; Deciding they don't need to buy a parking permit when all their neighbours do, then getting all arsey when they get found out.’
    • ‘When we got back I found another arsey note from the management company had been poked through my letterbox over at the flat.’
  • 2Australian Very lucky.

    • ‘Amazing how the gods often punish those who pull off an arsey win.’


    Alteration of tin arse.