Meaning of arsphenamine in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • A synthetic organic arsenic compound formerly used to treat syphilis and other diseases.

    See also Ehrlich, Paul

    ‘In 1910, with his Japanese colleague Sahachiro Hata, he developed arsphenamine, a synthetic preparation containing arsenic, which sold under the name of Salvarsan.’
    • ‘He also discovered a treatment for syphilis using arsphenamine in 1910.’
    • ‘Two month courses of intravenous arsphenamine would then be alternated with intramuscular Bismuth.’
    • ‘So powerful is arsphenamine that doctors can give it only in single doses extending over a period of 18 months.’
    • ‘More recently silver arsphenamine has been used in topical astringent preparations.’



/ɑːsˈfɛnəmiːn/ /ɑːsˈfɛnəmɪn/


Early 20th century blend of arsenic, phenyl, and amine.