Meaning of art for art's sake in English:

art for art's sake

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  • Used to convey the idea that the chief or only aim of a work of art is the self-expression of the individual artist who creates it.

    ‘Ruskin's pre-Raphaelitism, for example, which stressed the moral purpose of art, contrasted Pater's aestheticism, which promoted the idea of art for art's sake.’
    • ‘English cultural commentators have recently speculated that this hostility is more widespread, and that there is a deep historical and cultural resistance to the very idea of art for art's sake in Scotland.’
    • ‘It's an odd looking movie that embraces the idea of art for art's sake.’
    • ‘These artists see the value of their productions as art for art's sake as well as revelations of the truth and presentation of possibilities for their listeners.’
    • ‘In a school setting, it's never art for art's sake.’
    • ‘What needs to be stressed is that neither Khlebnikov nor his fellow Futurist poets were making the case for art for art's sake, for a poetry divorced from its larger cultural import.’
    • ‘Having criticized art for art's sake for being potentially reactionary, they then focus on the counterproposal they offer to socialist realism and Stalinism.’
    • ‘The bourgeois or decadent notions of disinterested investigation, scepticism, art for art's sake and so on, had no place in Soviet Russia or, for that matter, Nazi Germany.’
    • ‘The great thing about being in Calgary, as opposed to L.A., is that you kind of do art for art's sake, and comedy for comedy's sake.’
    • ‘He understood best how to play the emotions, but his contemporaries are impatient with an aesthetic of art for art's sake.’