Meaning of artesian water in English:

artesian water


mass nounmainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • Water contained within an artesian basin.

    ‘artesian water reaches the surface through fault lines in the overlying rock’
    • ‘The product is made with a specially processed natural artesian water with a hint of fresh lemon (patent pending).’
    • ‘This is artesian water, which is often a commercially important source for water supply.’
    • ‘Very difficult ground and artesian water conditions were encountered.’
    • ‘If fresh water is in short supply, we should be able to use sea or brackish or artesian water.’
    • ‘He travels to Petone where the artesian water supply is non-fluoridated.’
    • ‘Artesian water is water that has been slowly filtered through the ground until it is quite, quite clean.’
    • ‘More than 4,000 farmers applied to the state to prospect their land for water during the first decade, encouraged by drought, the new Scab Act (1895) with its compulsory dipping requirements, and the artesian water strikes in Queensland.’
    • ‘The city has a splendid system of water works, furnishing an abundance of pure, refreshing, artesian water.’
    • ‘Artesian water is a precious commodity and some parts of the desert have insufficient water supplies to maintain a pool in the long term.’
    • ‘Artesian water from Japan is said to be "a perfect companion" to sushi, sashimi and caviar.’