Meaning of artic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːtɪk/


informal British
  • An articulated lorry.

    • ‘He estimated that in the region of 150 ‘super tractors, cement lorries, artics, ridge lorries and small building contractors,’ were using the roadway on a daily basis.’
    • ‘Once you get in there you forget you're sitting in the back of an artic lorry.’
    • ‘Passing artics is fine and I felt less vulnerable than I possibly might in something akin to a Caterham.’
    • ‘Anybody interested in acquiring a ‘Driving Licence’ for a bus, or a HGV / artic / standard lorry, please contact one of the committee members for details.’
    • ‘Suddenly, it was three artics up the M4 every week.’
    • ‘You can't miss the lorry, it is in the alleyway at the back of Babaluma Street where everyone parks their artics.’
    • ‘‘We used to have five artics running between Glasgow and Elgin and we were quite successful in competing with companies down here,’ adds Crowley.’
    • ‘Over three hours I sat going nowhere today because three ‘professional’ drivers rear-ended each other in their artics.’
    • ‘‘I said to my wife ‘He's never going to pull out when there's an artic alongside him’.’
    • ‘I want to have the right to live my life, drive my artic, throughout my daily job, safely, and have the right to travel safely in my daily tasks. And for my family to be safe from people under the influence of whatever they are on.’
    • ‘Town magistrates heard that Davis was stopped in his Iveco artic on Shrivenham Road on the morning of Tuesday, March 4.’
    • ‘Operatives on site still have a bit to do to put together the kit which has arrived in an artic.’
    • ‘‘The combination of artics and excavators can get into confined areas you could never get into with a scraper - places where you need a lot of maneuverability,’ explains Casten.’
    • ‘The HM350-1 artics Elmore purchased drew great interest when Komatsu introduced the line in early 2002 due to the attention to detail and engineering put in by the manufacturer, the benefits of which have been realized by Eutaw.’
    • ‘‘The artics move material efficiently on common excavation projects where the cuts and fills are on the same site,’ reports DeMoss.’
    • ‘Two seconds is a lot, when you're passing an artic.’
    • ‘Last Sunday the Westport United players changed before the game in an artic truck container.’
    • ‘The artic hinge allows the front and rear frames to rotate independently, keeping all wheels on the ground.’
    • ‘It supplies all types of professional drivers for goods vehicles and vans - from someone who can handle a 44 tonne artic, through to a transit.’
    • ‘We've had two cars left outside the gates over the weekend, as well as five car tyres and one massive artic tyre.’


1940s abbreviation.