Meaning of artificer in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈtɪfɪsə/

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  • 1A skilled mechanic in the armed forces.

    ‘The separate pay scales for artificers / technicians and for other branches will disappear.’
    • ‘Engine room artificers, boatswains, tugboat crews and quartermasters in the harbour master section (navigation branch) of the Sri Lanka Port Authority began an overtime boycott on November 12.’
    • ‘A certain number of foreman artificers, electricians, blacksmiths etc, are also required for service with the army.’
    • ‘The only Service team that takes part in the rally, the artificers entered two pedal cars, and won third place overall.’
    • ‘Do you know what your artificers do, even now?’
    • ‘Lt Welch has a team of 31, including 27 divers, an administrative assistant, a boatman and two artificers to maintain their equipment.’
    • ‘The result of many weeks work, this could not have been achieved without the skill and leadership of Graham Body and it is a credit to him and his team of artificers.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the artificer of the group examined the explosive.’
    • ‘Captain John Haviland, a United Empire Loyalist, having served the British as an artificer in the American Revolution, moved from New York and settled in 1803 at Townsend Township, Norfolk County, near Brantford.’
    • ‘Luke, who delivered a litter of puppies from the family's border collie last September, had passed the entrance test into the navy and had hoped to follow in his father's footsteps and become an artificer.’
    • ‘In 1705 the assembly granted all militia officers the authority to ‘impress any smith… or other artificer, whatsoever, which shall be thought useful for the fixing of arms.’’
  • 2 archaic A skilled craftsman or inventor.

    ‘The grant was for land to provide a site for a Trades Hall and Literary Institute at Sydney for the use of artificers and operatives.’
    • ‘In every civilization, the skilled artificer has an honored place beside the scribe and the shaman.’
    • ‘Peacham, indeed, offered drawing as ‘a gentleman's exercise’ which could also serve ‘for the necessarie use and generall benefite of diuers trades-men and artificers, as namly painters, ioyners, free-masons, cutters, and carvers.’’
    • ‘A similar story is told in chapter 4, which contrasts Smith's criticism of apprenticeship with the arguments advanced in the debates leading to the 1814 repeal of the apprenticeship clauses of the Elizabethan statute of artificers.’
    • ‘He is the artificer of our malleable national soul.’
    • ‘But not between reality and representation, for everything about a movie is necessarily the product of an artificer, and even ‘on-the-scene’ news reporting achieves only ‘a specious credibility’.’
    creator, deviser, producer, inventor, originator, planner, author, artificer, fabricator


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French, probably an alteration of Old French artificien, from artifice (see artifice).