Meaning of artisanal in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈtɪzən(ə)l/


  • 1Relating to or characteristic of an artisan.

    ‘artisanal skills’
    • ‘artisanal workshops’
    • ‘Unlike kimberlite deposits, which are deep underground, they are quite easy to mine, using artisanal or semi-industrial methods.’
    • ‘We've developed a Heritage Skills Apprenticeship Program that preserves artisanal skills that might otherwise be lost.’
    • ‘In the late 1990s, artisanal mining for cobalt was allowed, leading to uncontrolled and dangerous mining activities.’
    • ‘But the funds were simply not there for such improvements, and free market forces of both labor and capital militated against using prisoners as industrial or even artisanal workers.’
    • ‘She is both terrified by and angry about the European vessels, which too often trespass at night into the exclusive fishing zone of the artisanal fishermen.’
    • ‘We used to have the artisanal tradition of embossed leather and gold leafing along with intricate patterns and designs on our books, and the present day equivalent of that would seem to be the over-use of fonts.’
    • ‘The whole point about book publishing over the years is that it was relatively artisanal rather than industrial; that is to say, you didn't need a lot of money, you could do it with just a handful of people.’
    • ‘Historically, Portuguese architecture is firmly rooted in the vernacular, with craft-based, artisanal origins and a limited range of forms and materials.’
    • ‘Technological advances have changed the economic conditions of cinematic production, which can now be artisanal as well as capitalist.’
    • ‘Many guild regulations and privileges were designed to protect independent artisanal status, that is, to guarantee each master a modest but secure livelihood, appropriate to his station in life.’
    • ‘In matters of material power, the Europeans passed from crafts and artisanal technology to empirical science, and eventually to industrial technology.’
    • ‘Factory-made clothes for both sexes became the staple of mainstream fashion in the industrialized world, and for ordinary clothes everywhere as local artisanal traditions declined.’
    • ‘Widely distributed across the occupational spectrum, Germans were most heavily represented in skilled artisanal and industrial trades.’
    • ‘However, the exhibition was composed of a conservative mixture of artisanal objects heavily weighted toward jewelry, ceramics, and glass.’
    • ‘Hand-made by an artisanal boat-maker in Maine, the Rocking Dory is a child-sized replica of the wooden dories found on the shores of Maine.’
    • ‘As great cities were being built pell-mell, millions of peasants were being dispossessed and bigger capital was destroying small artisanal and shopkeeping enterprises.’
    • ‘The demands German artisans placed on themselves in the name of purity and honor had no parallels in the experiences of artisanal classes in other European nations.’
    • ‘The artisanal workshops of the Middle Ages and Renaissance offer countless examples of painters who declined to reveal their working methods.’
    • ‘The most obvious form of this separation is the dispossession of agricultural producers from the land, but it also applies to artisanal production.’
    • ‘With the dissolution of monasteries in 1534 this craft passed from monasteries to farmers where it remained, for centuries, small-scale or artisanal.’
    • ‘Promoting artisanal activities like basket-making has particularly strengthened the position of women in the oasis communities.’
    1. 1.1(of a product, especially food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way.
      ‘artisanal cheeses’
      • ‘The market for good quality artisanal olive oil has been growing.’
      • ‘In 2003 Ontario produced 96,000 kilograms of cheese; 10 per cent of that was artisanal.’
      • ‘The conference, designed to celebrate artisanal and farmstead cheeses and to support and educate North American cheesemakers, drew a record attendance.’
      • ‘We plan to build a worldwide network of artisanal and traditional foods, and to use our network to promote those foods.’
      • ‘We bought a few bottles of their delicious artisanal apple juice, unfiltered and incredibly tasty.’
      • ‘The fish was paired with a selection of Italian artisanal beers, in a spectrum of colors ranging from the smoky golden of witbier to the dark chocolate of stout.’
      • ‘As I mentioned in a previous post, most grocery stores have very few artisanal breads, preferring the shelf life and profit margins of the bagged sliced breads.’
      • ‘He spent 16 years baking artisanal breads and French pastries at his shop in Garden City before closing that business five years ago.’
      • ‘Ours is an artisanal cheese, made in Comte, an area famous for its cheesemaking.’
      • ‘The little emporium offers an adventurous selection of international favorites and quirky artisanal cheeses, many produced locally.’
      • ‘This year, why not try out one of the new wave of British artisanal cheeses, such as old Worcester white?’
      • ‘About half a dozen or more beers are featured, usually with several artisanal cheeses.’
      • ‘More specialty food stores are stocking artisanal cheeses and more restaurants than ever before are offering high quality cheese plates.’
      • ‘The recent availability of bittersweet chocolates coupled with our access to a global food market and unique ingredients has created an increased interest in artisanal chocolates.’
      • ‘It's a great choice for those who want a hands-on introduction to the region's artisanal food and wine.’
      • ‘We asked the chefs to use as many local and artisanal products as possible, and they really rose to the occasion.’
      • ‘Last Saturday I attended the Salon Saveurs, a food show focusing on artisanal products, where producers come to talk about and sell their products, most of them offering samples.’
      • ‘I decided against a $58 shot of Belgian whiskey and opted for a slightly more economical vodka martini made with a new artisanal brand of vodka that tasted faintly of grapes.’
      • ‘Seaweed is one new and interesting ingredient in artisanal bread.’