Meaning of artisanship in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɑːtɪˈzanʃɪp/

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mass noun
  • Skill in a particular craft.

    ‘pieces of jewellery which testify to the high artisanship of these ancient people’
    • ‘a heritage of exquisite artisanship’
    • ‘The idea of individual artisanship is not something that operates in the Amish culture.’
    • ‘The guild was established by Jim Clark to develop and maintain the highest standard of artisanship and ethics in the pistolsmith's craft.’
    • ‘While much work in graphic arts is produced, it often is seen as mere artisanship and has received little attention.’
    • ‘There are many craft items on offer that are affordable, and all are hand-crafted with the attention to detail that is the hallmark of fine Chinese artisanship.’
    • ‘Even when they were made, the pictures were "B"-level popcorn sellers the studios tossed off without much care about quality or artisanship.’
    • ‘If you want to break all the rules of the artistic tradition, Duchamp reasoned, why not begin by discarding its most fundamental values: beauty and artisanship.’
    • ‘I was particularly taken with a piece that was made to represent the "Golden Fleece" and with other pieces of jewelry which testify to the high artisanship of these ancient people.’
    • ‘The game's makers are to be complimented for the artisanship that went into making it.’
    • ‘That makes me think more about the nature of artisanship - particularly that the creators of the house and garden built something that wouldn't even start to look its best until decades after they had died.’
    • ‘Sales of hand-crafted microbrews are vital to the restaurant's brand positioning since they are "all about the hand-crafted artisanship of slow-smoked barbeque."’