Meaning of arvo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːvəʊ/

nounplural noun arvos

informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Afternoon.

    • ‘on Monday arvo’
    • ‘A barbie in the arvo always sounds like a great plan and not in the slightest bit pretentious if suggested by an Australian.’
    • ‘So after a rather wearing morning I only had the arvo to make the final arrangements.’
    • ‘Milder conditions prevailed last Saturday with the greens recovering at a great rate and a north-easterly springing up in the arvo, making good scores a little tougher.’
    • ‘Brother got home in the arvo… pretty much kicked me off the computers…’
    • ‘This arvo I made up a CD of all the songs she'd like that have been released in the last 4 months, and she will not have heard before.’
    • ‘Sunday arvo saw the girls head off to the Grandparent's place for the week.’
    • ‘Kev and I crawl out of my bed at some point in the arvo, I have no idea whether I have been sleeping.’
    • ‘Sunday arvo was spent with the boys watching a few cracking games of footy on the telly.’
    • ‘Don't forget to come to the Xmas party on Xmas eve at three in the arvo at the Community Hall.’
    • ‘Because today's a public holiday, Sunday night was without that familiar cramp in the neck from thinking about Monday's workload, even though I actually have to work later in the arvo today.’
    • ‘Rugby I can understand - it's fairly exciting, everyone can play it, you can take the kids down the park of a Sunday arvo and throw the ball around.’
    • ‘I'd go for a kayaking arvo while he'd pore over camera magazines.’
    • ‘And how is it that I spent Friday night - Tuesday morning with him, and it's now Tuesday arvo and I miss him like crazy?’
    • ‘Tomorrow morning I have to work and tomorrow arvo I have to do my other linguistics practice and finish writing my Spanish oral.’
    • ‘They practice a lot, going around every arvo after school, bringing to life the old adage ‘practice makes perfect‘.’
    • ‘I might have a look at it tomorrow arvo to get an idea of the problem.’
    • ‘Emma R. rang me this arvo and asked me some stuff about PowerPoint… she was having trouble putting pictures up onto her slides…’
    • ‘It should be an exciting finish this Sunday arvo.’
    • ‘So I'm making some food yesterday arvo - veggie tofu stir fry with buckwheat noodles - when my mobile rings and it's Lewis.’
    • ‘By Sunday arvo I was knackered from all the excitement.’


1930s abbreviation of afternoon (with voicing of the f) + -o.