Meaning of as — as all get out in English:

as — as all get out


(also — as all get out)
informal North American
  • To a great or extreme extent.

    • ‘the food is as tasty as all get out’
    • ‘he was stubborn as all get out’
    • ‘I'm descriptive as all get out when it comes to how people speak, but once those words are on paper and there's a grade involved, I turn in to the Prescriptive Grammar Queen.’
    • ‘He's cute, dead sexy, funny as all get out, smart, single, and he lives 2,000 miles away.’
    • ‘The team ownership was spectacular, and while many of the promotions were campy as all get out, they never did anything halfway.’
    • ‘Given that folks like him are prolific as all get out, it's tough to know where to start.’
    • ‘The image lacks detail and is grainy as all get out.’
    • ‘He looked so smug sitting there, but handsome as all get out.’
    • ‘They always get mad as all get out when something happens, too.’
    • ‘She was awkward as all get out, relentlessly drowning in unimportant details and entranced by the most ordinary of things.’
    • ‘The musicianship is exciting as all get out, but don't look for warmth.’
    • ‘It's more of the same syntho new wave, catchy as all get out with Roxie's strong vocals.’