Meaning of as — as sin in English:

as — as sin

(also — as sin)


  • Having a particular undesirable quality to a high degree.

    ‘the car is a staggering engineering achievement, but it's as ugly as sin’
    ‘they both look as miserable as sin’
    • ‘As Marshall commonsensically observes, this whole trial balloon is beside the point, since everything points to the perp or perps being ‘guilty as sin.’’
    • ‘They look miserable as sin, but they are all wearing raincoats, and seem to be rather warmer than you.’
    • ‘And if you are ugly as sin and suddenly find yourself being chatted up by a pretty female or a handsome male, who wants specific information from you, consider seriously why you are suddenly the centre of attention.’
    • ‘It's always been my feeling that all four boys were guilty as sin.’
    • ‘Ingram came across as slightly confused, far from comfortable with his answers, and indeed, guilty as sin.’
    • ‘It was probably a rash idea to remove all the coving around the top of my back room, but it was also ugly as sin.’
    • ‘Now, for my money, Scott's pretty clearly about as guilty as sin.’
    • ‘I'm still as miserable as sin and twice as spotty.’
    • ‘Obviously I'll be as miserable as sin tomorrow when I'm in hangover central, but I'm making the most of this whilst it lasts.’
    • ‘His ranking slumped, his spirits dropped, and he looked as miserable as sin.’