Meaning of as blind as a bat in English:

as blind as a bat


(also blind as a bat)
  • Having very bad eyesight.

    • ‘she's as blind as a bat without glasses’
    • ‘The ringleader said I couldn't identify them because I was blind as a bat.’
    • ‘However encyclopaedic your knowledge of antiques, if you're blind as a bat, forget it.’
    • ‘It knocked my glasses off and I am as blind as a bat without them.’
    • ‘At 8:30, the security guards show up, the banker takes off his glasses (he's blind as a bat without 'em) and at 10:00, they open the vault door.’
    • ‘I know you are blind as a bat, but come on, Lily.’
    • ‘River has perfect eyesight, as he frequently reminds my older brother, who is blind as a bat and wears glasses 24-7.’
    • ‘‘Yes, I'm blind as a bat,’ he said sarcastically.’
    • ‘He just looked around, obviously blind as a bat.’
    • ‘Struggling to keep her wayward fringe at bay, Hailey meandered away from the beach blind as a bat, until she bumped into someone or something.’
    • ‘You have to be blind as a bat not to see that the second part is a fraud.’
    visually impaired, unsighted, sightless, visionless, unseeing