Meaning of as cold as ice in English:

as cold as ice

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(also as cold as stone)
  • Very cold.

    ‘her hand was as cold as ice’
    • ‘He could see why Sarah wouldn't like him; he was as cold as stone.’
    • ‘I glared up at his face, which was like usual, as cold as stone.’
    • ‘He was as cold as stone, no true emotion lay behind his eyes.’
    • ‘Buck looked at Dr. Rake and Philip whose faces were as cold as stone.’
    • ‘I absolutely hated that school,’ Ian said with a voice as cold as ice.’
    • ‘For example, a person may complain of feeling as if they have a constant lump in the throat, feeling as if they must sigh all the time, feeling inappropriate anger, or that their lower body is as cold as ice, or that they are anxious all the time.’
    • ‘‘They're dead,’ he said in a voice as cold as ice.’
    • ‘‘Not a word, Nathaniel,’ she commanded, her words as cold as ice.’
    • ‘June 19, 2006 - It looks like a rainbow that's been set on fire, but this phenomenon is as cold as ice.’
    • ‘His eyes, that had once been so warm, were now as cold as ice.’