Meaning of as deaf as a post in English:

as deaf as a post

(also deaf as a post)


  • Having very bad hearing.

    • ‘It seems it's still easier to see me as a Machiavellian force preventing her from communicating with her friends than to accept that she's deaf as a post and increasingly anti-social.’
    • ‘Now I live with a woman who is not only deaf as a post but, as a result of her stroke, has short-term memory loss.’
    • ‘I found her batting at the door of the spice cupboard, yowling fit to wake Mrs R next door, and she's deaf as a post.’
    • ‘But their house was the last one in the terrace, next to a lane - well, you know that, it's yours now - and the old boy that lived over the lane was as deaf as a post.’
    • ‘This was always something of a drama as he'd become as deaf as a post and would stand in the hall shouting into the phone, ‘Hello?’’
    • ‘She's a guest they have on Countdown who's as deaf as a post.’
    • ‘The teacher, ‘Harry’ Harrison was about ninety years old and was as deaf as a post.’
    • ‘Top form if you ignore the fact that she's as deaf as a post, and her eyesight is selective. But she's happy, and all is well.’
    • ‘Our goalie was as deaf as a post, and tended not to hear our shouts to remind him the ball was coming until it was far too late.’
    • ‘Grandma Jo on the other hand is all up for it and she probably didn't hear him in the first place because she's as deaf as a post!’
    • ‘A nurse responsible for the care of America's greatest newspaperman, and she's as deaf as a post.’
    • ‘Sir Jack, by the way, is as deaf as a post these days and it is a real shame to see him being interviewed.’
    • ‘Will the next generation be deaf as posts by the time they're middle-aged?’
    hard of hearing, hearing-impaired, with impaired hearing, unhearing, stone deaf, deafened, profoundly deaf