Meaning of as dry as a bone in English:

as dry as a bone

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(also dry as a bone)
  • Extremely dry.

    ‘As water bodies dry up, and the supply lines remain dry as a bone, the city residents are in for a long and hot spell of drought.’
    • ‘But there was disappointment for visitors to Piccadilly Gardens, because the water feature there was dry as a bone after it stopped working.’
    • ‘In just a matter of weeks, Colorado and the surrounding states suddenly go dry as a bone.’
    • ‘I got up, sauntered over to grab a trolley, and made my way into the store, dry as a bone.’
    • ‘The plants are dying and the ducks are getting desperate as their pond is dry as a bone.’
    • ‘It's got hints of raspberry flavour and is as dry as a bone, with that Burgundy ability to vaporise pleasantly in the mouth.’
    • ‘It's been as dry as a bone here in South Australia and much of Australia until last Friday.’
    • ‘If your favorite ride is being rained out, there is always another spot to ride that is dry as a bone.’
    • ‘Now was no different, he could wander the desert forever and come back dry as a bone and cool as ice.’
    • ‘Two thirds of Australia is as dry as a bone, over 5 million square kilometres of rock, scrub and sand.’