Meaning of as dry as dust in English:

as dry as dust

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(also dry as dust)
  • 1Extremely dry.

    ‘his throat was dry as dust’
    • ‘Her arms and legs felt like hundred-pound weights; the inside of Tory's mouth felt like the sand of the Sahara desert, dry as dust.’
    • ‘Cocoa Puffs, dry as dust and hard as she poured them into the bowl, the glass still warm from the hot water.’
    • ‘My dad would try every now and then but his potatoes were dry as dust.’
    • ‘He saw the woman stand slowly and his mouth tasted as dry as dust.’
    1. 1.1Extremely dull; lacking emotion, expression, or interest.
      ‘what the students learned was as dry as dust’
      • ‘I searched in vain for a subject that wasn't deadly boring, dry as dust, and leached of every detail of the kind that makes things interesting in real life.’
      • ‘US audiences will find this latter subject dry as dust and uninteresting.’
      • ‘Van Gogh may have attended art school in Antwerp, but he found it dry as dust and here we see his real teachers: Delacroix Courbet, Millet and Rembrandt.’
      • ‘This does not mean however that the correct approach must be dry as dust.’
      • ‘The presenter has an infectious enthusiasm that television producers believe lends popular appeal to subjects that some viewers might otherwise consider dry as dust.’
      • ‘His commentary track is dry as dust.’
      • ‘Better illustrated than usual, no doubt, but probably dry as dust.’
      • ‘A legend as a player, now dry as dust on German TV - but strangely endearing for it.’
      • ‘Had they been written by a psychologist I feel sure they would be as dry as dust.’
      • ‘How could such a man have been a mere mechanical nincompoop churning out thousands of pages of dry as dust études intent only on stifling the eager piano student?’
      dull, uninteresting, boring, unexciting, tedious, tiresome, wearisome, dreary, monotonous, dry as dust, arid