Meaning of as far as — is concerned in English:

as far as — is concerned


(also so far as — is concerned)
  • As regards the interests or case of —

    ‘the measures are irrelevant as far as inflation is concerned’
    • ‘Of course, as far as India is concerned, the interest does not just lie in the thrills offered by the characters and circumstances.’
    • ‘Baxter has been used to attracting interest as far as the Scottish game is concerned.’
    • ‘On the other hand, we are less touchy about individual liberties and more prepared to believe that the government knows better as far as the public interest is concerned.’
    • ‘For me this traffic warden scheme is probably the final nail in the coffin as far as Burnley is concerned regards shopping.’
    • ‘I have a very high regard, by the way, for Professor Tribe, so far as his legal opinion is concerned, and I'm certainly happy to debate him on the legal issues.’
    • ‘It is, in the middle of a theatrical desert as far as London is concerned, an interesting premise, handled with intelligence and played by a wonderful cast.’
    • ‘I still haven't set goals as far as a long-term career is concerned, but I'm more and more interested in the travel industry.’
    • ‘He has also admitted employing someone at the petrol station, who was in receipt of family credit, or income support, but that is irrelevant so far as this enquiry is concerned.’
    • ‘But as far as Francis is concerned - he already has international interest.’
    • ‘But I never plan the future so far as my private life is concerned.’