Meaning of as fit as a flea in English:

as fit as a flea


(also fit as a flea)
  • In very good health.

    ‘She discovered something her legion of fans have always known: when it comes to shaking her booty, the 34-year-old is one hell of a mover and fit as a flea.’
    • ‘As fit as a flea, there is no reason why he cannot make a successful transition to turf tomorrow, especially as his rating is significantly lower than the one he is now racing off on the all-weather.’
    • ‘Jack's daughter Doris Lyons said: ‘My dad was as fit as a flea.’’
    • ‘My legs were stiff, but not as stiff as on other occasions and by the afternoon I felt as fit as a flea.’
    • ‘He's as fit as a flea but I think it really took a lot out of him.’
    • ‘She never talks about it and is as fit as a flea at 85.’
    • ‘I feel as fit as a flea and my big tummy has gone down!’
    • ‘You have to be fit as a flea to take the race on, and I feel I am as fit as I could be.’
    • ‘Some of them are as fit as a flea and going to remain as fit as a flea.’
    muscular, muscly, sturdy, strapping, well built, powerfully built, strong, powerful, robust, able-bodied, vigorous, hardy, lusty, hearty, hale and hearty, brawny, burly, broad-shouldered, thickset, Herculean