Meaning of as good as gold in English:

as good as gold

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(also good as gold)
  • 1(especially of a child) very well behaved.

    ‘the children were as good as gold, waiting patiently at the entrance’
    • ‘in prison, Jay was as good as gold’
    • ‘When it comes to cars and driving at least, this Humvee owner is good as gold.’
    • ‘When we got him back to the surgery he came around and was good as gold.’
    • ‘Ever since I've been here he has been as good as gold to me.’
    • ‘We signed him without hesitation and he's been as good as gold.’
    • ‘He works his socks off, times his runs well and is as good as gold.’
    • ‘I was surprised because I thought it would be a shock to him but he was as good as gold.’
    • ‘And she was as good as gold during the baptism ceremony.’
    • ‘In the end he came quietly and was as good as gold.’
    • ‘Toddler Nightmares is proving a big success for the Lawrences as their children went to sleep as good as gold for the first time.’
    • ‘But when I got downstairs, there he is, sitting as good as gold on the sofa where I last left him.’
    1. 1.1In a very good condition or state.
      • ‘a couple of casts later and I was as good as gold’