Meaning of as happy as a pig in shit in English:

as happy as a pig in shit


vulgar slang
  • Extremely happy.

    • ‘I've always said if I could get the child of an alcoholic to work for me as an employee, I'm happy as a clam because you're going to get a devoted and hardworking person.’
    • ‘Tonight I wanted to write about the mom from preschool who gave birth and then just bounced right back into life and seems happy as a clam.’
    • ‘Now, nearly ten months after I received my acceptance, I am happy as a clam.’
    • ‘I've been happy as a clam not paying that much attention to the Super Bowl hype.’
    • ‘I sat down with my paints and I was happy as Larry.’
    • ‘It's still cantering back and forth past our windows, happy as Larry, but there was a lot of suspicious rustling going in in the plastic bags beneath my desk tonight.’
    • ‘So they set off, fishing tackle in hand, happy as Larry.’
    • ‘Put me up against Everest, Antarctica, the Dead Sea, or whatever, and I'm happy as Larry.’
    • ‘There he was, happy as Larry, and now you pair of daft, shouty adults have decided to break up his family home.’
    • ‘One minute they are happy as Larry, the next they are crying like a… well, like a baby.’