Meaning of as high as a kite in English:

as high as a kite


(also high as a kite)
  • Intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.

    • ‘One day I'd be high as a kite, unnaturally happy, but this was always followed by two weeks of staring at my feet.’
    • ‘I was high as a kite - it was like I'd had a load of drugs.’
    • ‘After taking a post-gig bow and being cheered from the stage by his adoring public, Elmo unwound in the upstairs bar, still high as a kite following his triumph.’
    • ‘The White Stripes don't sound so bad when you're high as a kite.’
    • ‘Early one morning they drive away from the club, with Annabel high as a kite in the back seat, and crash the car.’
    • ‘When I'm high as a kite, I sometimes feel like I am so damn hot that everybody in the world wants to have sex with me.’
    • ‘She's clearly high as a kite and in desperate need of medication, but he keeps on filming.’
    • ‘What this learned and articulate man proposed was a kind of ‘Chemical Olympics’, in which anyone - as high as a kite or otherwise - could legitimately compete.’
    • ‘Her parties were in famous for being an opportunity to get drunk out of your mind and as high as a kite.’
    • ‘Judging from his jerky motions and his giddy expression, he is still as high as a kite on adrenaline.’
    stupefied, insensible, befuddled