Meaning of as keen as mustard in English:

as keen as mustard


(also keen as mustard)
informal British
  • Extremely eager or enthusiastic.

    • ‘He was keen as mustard to go and help, but we have been missing him and he's been missing us.’
    • ‘Being keen as mustard, we decided to walk from the station to the hotel.’
    • ‘Smith is just 21 and an emerging talent; bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, keen as mustard.’
    • ‘In my time, he was young, quite quick and keen as mustard.’
    • ‘But this is another exciting challenge, and I'm as keen as mustard for the boys to do well.’
    • ‘Hyde to be fair, played some very good cricket on a slow, low wicket and they were as keen as mustard when it came fielding, which was impressive.’
    • ‘By the time they get there they are totally jaded by the whole thing or keen as mustard to help.’
    • ‘Under the circumstances I could have lost a certain amount of enthusiasm, but this was the first days' fishing of a new holiday and both of us were as keen as mustard to start fishing.’
    • ‘We're not sure what it says about our city, but everyone seems as keen as mustard to get out of Shanghai whenever they get the chance.’
    • ‘Admittedly I'm enjoying myself and like any other teenager I'm as keen as mustard.’