Meaning of as quiet as a mouse in English:

as quiet as a mouse

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(also as quiet as a lamb)
  • (of a person or animal) extremely quiet or docile.

    ‘The faithful animal, which was in general as quiet as a lamb, became like a raging tiger every time he saw the person who had murdered his master.’
    • ‘It's only a short while and I'm sure he'll be as quiet as a mouse.’
    • ‘He went back to the other children and was as quiet as a mouse, but he kept stealing a glance towards the fireplace.’
    • ‘Michael - our Michael, quiet as a mouse, never fights back Michael - yells, ‘Leave her alone!’’
    • ‘Then she crept up the stairs, avoiding the spots that squeaked, and then snuck to her room, quiet as a mouse.’
    • ‘Even the five year old, already quiet as a mouse, seems to relax as the tension passes out of the room.’
    • ‘I will not bother you, I will be as quiet as a mouse,’ Katrina promised.’
    • ‘Sometimes, when Josie knew know no one would notice, she'd creep downstairs to the kitchen as quiet as a mouse and tiptoe out the back door when the cook wasn't looking.’
    • ‘She was always as quiet as a mouse, but I knew she was heartbroken.’
    • ‘Maddie, as quiet as a mouse, inched her way out of the room, shutting the door behind her.’